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At First Advantage, we are committed to developing and delivering powerful background screening solutions and service, meeting your current needs and integrating with future solutions to continue providing you with the insight to succeed. Our award-winning customer care services accommodates most time zones, so we’re available when you need us most. You can contact First Advantage Customer Care by telephone, email or Web (Chat) interface.
Customer Care Contact Information – Customer
Background Support
PH: 800.888.5773
Support Hours: 8am to 8pm Eastern Time
  • Report Status Inquiries
  • Questions Regarding Content of Reports
  • Additional Handling for Report (i.e. missing info, add a search, etc.)
  • Technical Questions
  • User is locked out
  • Difficult obtaining access
Drug Testing Support
PH: 800.888.5773
Support Hours: 8am to 8pm Eastern Time
  • Drug Screen Inquiries and Protocol Issues
  • Chain of Custody Requests
  • Adding New Locations
  • After-hours collection needs
  • Client Contact-Positive Drug Screens
  • Applicant Contact
  • Schedule Drug Screen-Check Status
  • Breath and Alcohol Test Questions and Results
Fingerprint Support
PH: 877.491.1752
Support Hours: 8am to 8pm Eastern Time
  • Fingerprint Technical Support or Password Help
  • Fingerprint Inquiries
  • Fingerprint Account Setup Questions or Changes
  • Status or Results of Fingerprint Submission
Billing Support
PH: 855.514.4294
Support Hours: 8am to 4pm Eastern Time
  • Invoice Inquiries and Issues
  • Invoices can be sent by email, regular mail or through our online portal ePay. ePay access is free and available to all US background and drug testing customers. Invoices on ePay are available 24/7 in both PDF and CSV/Excel. Contact Billing Support to get ePay access.
  • Your First Advantage invoice contains information regarding making payments on your invoice by ACH, check or credit card. You can also visit our customer page for more information: www.fadv.com/customers

Customer Care Contact Information – Candidates
National Scheduling Center
PH: 866.682.4166 opt 1
Support Hours: 8am to 8pm Eastern Time
  • Help scheduling fingerprints
  • Questions regarding fingerprints, drug tests, physicals, etc.
Medical Review Services (MRO)
PH: 800.809.1012
  • The MRO will contact a donor if they have questions about the drug test result and would like to speak to the donor. This is the number the applicant should contact if they are returning a call.
Background Support
PH: 800.888.5773
Support Hours: 8am to 8pm Eastern Time
  • Assistance with Missing Information requests
  • Technical Questions
  • User is locked out
  • Difficulty obtaining access
FCRA Consumer Advocacy Center
PH: 800.845.6004
  • If an applicant disputes the results of their background investigation they should contact this number.

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